Architect’s Choice

Architect's Choice

Tips for Remodeling Bedrooms

When you think about home remodeling, you probably think about remodeling your bathroom or your kitchen. However, when you’re remodeling your entire home, you’ll need to think about other rooms too, particularly large areas like the bedroom. Remodeling a bedroom can be tricky, because you’ll need to think more about the aesthetic elements of the space instead of the electricity, plumbing, and other technical factors. Here are some tips for bedroom remodeling that we use in our home remodeling company in St. Louis.

Add visually appealing storage spaces

One of the best ways to make your bedroom more functional and more valuable is to add storage space to it. More storage space will allow you to comfortably store all your clothes, books, and other important objects. There are many ways to do this – you could expand a closet, add built-in shelving, or create cabinets and dressers for your room. Additional storage space will also help keep your room from feeling less cluttered.

Find ways to make the room feel bigger.

Even if you can’t physically expand the shape of the room, there are things you can do to help it feel more expansive. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a large mirror, because the reflection gives the illusion that the room is double the size. You can also consider adding more windows or even a skylight to bring sunshine in, which not only helps the room feel bigger but also will help boost your mood while you’re there.

Change up your walls.

One of the best things about renovating your room is that you can change it to fit your sense of style. You can do this by incorporating a new wall color or material into your room. If you’ve been living with plain white or cream walls, try switching things up and including a pop of color, or even an overall pastel hue. The colors you use can help you feel calmer or more energized, depending on what you want. If you like the industrial look that is trending right now, you can also opt for exposed brick, tile, or even metal accents.

Add a balcony.

If your room is on the second floor of your home, try adding a balcony to it that will allow you to better enjoy your surroundings. A small balcony can help your space feel bigger and more luxurious, and it will also give you a great place to relax when the weather is warm.

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